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Discount Equipment Rental offers an alternative to in-house training. We provide Operator Training conducted by a certified Discount Equipment Rental Instructor. Discount Equipment Rental's training is both OSHA and ANSI compliant, and conducted at a location and time of your choice.

Discount Equipment Rental believes you cannot take short cuts when it comes to safety training. Help keep your employees, customers and work sites safe by sending your employees to a Discount Equipment Rental Operator Training class.


The Discount Equipment Rental training program qualifies individuals to fulfill requirements set forth by OSHA Regulations and ANSI/SIA standards for operator training and issue operator cards on both Aerial Work Platforms and Forklifts. The Training qualification is valid for three years. A refresher course is required every three years to ensure the operator remains current with the continuous developments and changes within the industry and can confidently deliver the highest caliber training.


All industry personnel who want to operate AWPs and Forklifts in compliance with ANSI standards and OSHA regulations. Many of our customers face tremendous challenges to improve or maintain their safety and insurance compliance in today’s environment.

Training can help you do the following:

  • Increase safety management, product knowledge, and risk awareness.
  • Improve employee safety by providing qualified training.
  • Improve operating efficiency and reduce downtime due to improper machine operation.
  • Reduce potential litigation through improved safety training and the establishment of proper procedures.

The quality of this training enables your employees to be compliant with the ANSI standards and OSHA regulations.


  • ANSI Standards and OSHA Regulations
  • Operation and Safety Manuals
  • Stability and Capacity Charts
  • Hands-on Operation
  • Required Inspections
  • Worksite Hazard Assessments


Training and relevant literature is provided in either English or Spanish (special request classes.) Each student receives AWP and Forklift Kits with step-by-step procedures to facilitate training. These kits contain the following supporting materials:

  • Student Workbooks
  • Instructional DVDs
  • Evaluation Tests

Students who have their own approved fall protection devices are encouraged to bring them to the course; this will help expedite the hands-on segment of the training. If you do not have approved fall protection equipment, Discount Equipment Rental will supply one to use during the class.


  • The courses run between 6 – 7 hours per training class of AWP or Forklift classes.
  • AWP and Forklift training can not be conducted together. Separate classes are required.

In order to ensure proper instruction for operation on specific equipment, customers must supply Discount Equipment Rental a list of the following:

  • Equipment types
  • Manufacturer(s)
  • Models
  • Year of Units


Tuition is $299.00 per student for the AWP or Forklift courses conducted at Discount Equipment Rental Training Centers.



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Email: info@discount-equipment.com


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