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To purchase the product please visit our website using the link above. Adjust the quantity to the desired quantity and click the “Purchase” button. This will add the item to a shopping cart. If you need additional parts, type in the part number in the search box and repeat the process until all items needed are in the shopping cart. After you have all items in the cart, click the “Secure Checkout” button. You will then be prompted to login to our website.

If you have ordered with us before, use the left side of the login screen to log in as a returning customer. If this is your first order with us, use the best email to contact you by and create yourself a password to access our site.

Once you have completed this you will be re-directed to the check out screen to begin entering your billing information, ship to information, select the shipping method, and enter payment.

After all fields have been filled in, click the “Place Order” button at the bottom center of the page. If there are any unfilled lines that require information, they will be highlighted in pink. Fill those lines and click place order again.

Once the order is in place you will receive a message on your screen denoting that the order is in place and the order number will be provided at that time.

Lead Shipping Time
Are items in stock

Most items are in stock in warehouses in the U.S., some items yet rare are back ordered. If you are ok with back ordered items or this order must ship complete or be a certain date. Please select this option and put your needed date in the comment area.

Shipping Cost

Most all parts on our website are set up to give shipping cost at check out cart. you must select the blue "PURCHASE" button option on the items and proceed to the check out cart. Once at the shipping selection area you will have a drop down to see available shipping methods with cost.

Please see details at check out on "Heavy" & "Oversized" items at check out for additional shipping may be added.

Items that do not have pricing for shipping you can only select "Truck" option. This option does not mean shipping is no charge. We will get you a freight quote and get back with you before processing your order. If you wish to have it shipped quickly as in Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air & 3rd Day Select please put this in the "Comments Section" in the checkout cart area.

DISCOUNTED SHIPPING: Some items and brands offer discounted or free shipping based on "Large Quantities" or "High Priced" parts. At this time the system cannot discount it automatically. Please place the order and in the comment section ask if this is available or what are the thresholds to reach any discounts that me be available.

FREE SHIPPING: Some equipment has Free Shipping listed with it on the page of the item. If you see this that item will ship free with certain criteria. If you order accessories that bolt on the unit that are listed as options. The system may charge you shipping at check out. This will be removed once we review the order. If you order parts or accessories that are not options with a new unit the unit itself will ship "Free" but the other items will be charged shipping and may come separate from the unit order.

Large quantity discounts

Some items and brands offer discounts on "Large Quantities". At this time the system cannot discount it automatically. Please request the total quantity and in the comment section ask if this is available or what are the thresholds to reach any discounts that me be available.

Looking for Aftermarket non OEM parts (Less expensive)
Sales tax exemption

If you have a resale sales tax certificate for the state we are shipping to please input you number at checkout. There is a sales tax exemption section for your number. You must also email us your certificate Most all items we ship are tax exempt. Some manufactures require us to charge based on if they have a location in your ship to state. States that we do charge sales tax in if the manufacture has a requirement. If you do not have a "Tax Resale Certificate" for these states. NOT ALL manufactures or vendors follow these guidelines. We will let you know if tax is charged after you place your order or request on your quote. The states most commonly charged are AL, CA, CT, DE, DC, FL, HI, IL, LA, MD, MA, MS, NM, PA, TN.

Financing options

We offer retail financing application click this link PayPal short term financing click the PayPal link at the bottom of this site

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